The crescia of the poet … and of Lara

I haven’t seen Urbino in more than thirty years, and I always see it! Nothing came to my mind, not even the Baciocca where we grew up!”

(Letter to Marche, 28 January 1903)

Giovanni Pascoli Urbino

Lara with over ten years of experience behind her, she wants to propose to everyone this ancient and tasty product of Urbino tradition that she has known, like many others, through family habits.

Therefore, even his grows are made strictly by hand one by one with ingredients of Italian origin, all natural, carefully chosen to guarantee us that experience that still after thirty years filled Giovanni Pascoli with nostalgia.


The Poet’s Crescia… is now Lara’s

“I haven’t seen Urbino for over thirty years, yet I continuously see it! I didn’t forget anything, not even ‘ la Baciocca’, where we used to eat the ‘crescie’!”

(Letter to Marchigiani, 28th January 1903)

Giovanni Pascoli Urbino
La Baciocca

Thanks to this background and to her more than ten year experience, Lara is now able to offer you this ancient and extremely tasteful product, typical of her town’s culinary traditions, which she came to know through her family habits.

That’s why her ‘crescia’ is rigorously handmade, using selected Italian natural ingredients, in order to offer you the same tasty experience that Giovanni Pascoli wistfully recalled even after thirty years.

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